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The Bittersweet End of Summer

How’s it Growing, Grow Food Calgary Gardeners?

August 31, 2017

As the growing season ends, a new era in the garden begins. Like late-summer lettuce it can be bittersweet!

Harvest is upon us.

Tomatoes on every plate at every meal.

The green beans have finally relented!

And salads with a true mix of greens (kale, beets, three lettuces, arugula, basil, chives, violets, nasturtiums and more) are the highlight of each meal.

While we enjoy the fruits of our summer efforts, we also know it’s time to wind down the garden and begin planning for next year.

We have an exciting program lined up for our September 23 Grow Food Calgary Session. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Garden Pictures: We’ll present a slide show of all our gardens. Please share pictures of your garden (send to: Shelley@ShelleyGoldbeck.com). They don’t have to be pretty. We want to learn from the things that didn’t do well too. Deadline for submitting photos is September 15, 2017. See Lisa’s photos here: http://growfoodcalgary.com/gardeners-gallery-lisa
    2.  Harvest Fair and Share:
    Bring samples of your produce to show off. Petite prizes will be awarded for the produce, presentation, passion, and pleasure you convey! If you have an abundance of zucchini or bushels of apples, we encourage you to bring your excess for sharing.
    3. Our guest speaker this month is Malika the mushroom lady who will show us how easy it is to grow our own mushrooms.
    4. We’ll be talking about collecting seeds from the garden, planting fall crops, and bedding down your garden for winter.5. After class Bonus! Sharp’s Farm Tour: From 1 to 2PM. Tour a working veggie patch. No kids or pets. More information to come, including car-pooling options. Pencil it in your schedule.Invite your friends. Tickets are available at: www.growfoodcalgary.com/register

As always, we welcome your questions. We look forward to sharing your garden experiences.

Watch for our next program update coming next week.

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Malika’s Mushrooms



Our guest speaker at the September 2017 Grow Food Calgary session is Malika Hamel.

Malika runs a start-up business that is called Malika’s Mushrooms.

Malika obtained her masters degree in chemical engineering from the University of Algeria and has more than ten years of experience working on her family mushroom farm .

When Malika moved to Canada she was searching for a job. She decided to go back to what she knows: growing mushrooms.

Malika Hamel wins Venture Quest for her mushroom growing business.

Malika was the  winner of Venture Quest at Bow Valley College in 2015 for the best business idea.

We are pleased to have Malika teach us how easily we can grow our own mushrooms.

Currently she is involved in growing mushrooms. She sells mushroom kits and spawn and she will have these available for purchase at our next Grow Food Calgary event.

Register today!


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