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What Donna Learned in her Garden

Like other gardeners I forgot to add micronutrients and had a zinc deficiency on my squash and cantaloupes. This was a major disaster in my cantaloupes because they got a fungal disease and only produced a few fruit before they crashed.

This in contrast to previous years when I had amazing success and five pound fruit.

I am definitely on task with mineralizing my soil again and might talk about this and compost in October.

The good news with the zucchini is they bounced back and started growing fresh green leaves again late in the season so I will get a second chance.

Homegrown Taste

Why does homegrown food taste better than commercial produce?

Broccoli from Donna’s Garden


Answer: minerals, vitamins, antioxidants. They come from soil.

Much of our farmland is sick after years of synthetic fertilizers that kill the natural organisms that convert soil components into nutrition.

For decades all we’ve put back is N-P-K, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium only. Not selenium, or zinc, for example, nor do we add organic matter which help make these micronutrients available.

It’s like humans, eating protein, fat, and carbs, without any fibre, vitamins, minerals or other nutrients. We’d soon be dead!

Much of the food grown in these dead conditions tastes like nothing.

How do I learn how to grow my own food?

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