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What Chelsie Learned in her Garden

Chelsie Anderson, Garden Expert

This year in my garden, I learned the power of Azomite- ground rock dust that adds minerals.




In my test patch the carrots and onions grew double the size in the same time period as they did in the non-azomite patch.

In the pictures the control group vegetables are on the left and the Azomite veggies are on the right.

I will be speaking about this in the next session of Grow Food Calgary, which takes place on Saturday, September 23, 2017 at the Wildwood Community Hall.

The second thing I learned is to label things well.  The baby watermelon plant that a friend gave to me turned out to be a pumpkin! (3 pics of the mystery squash growing, including the flower)

Mystery Flower













The amazing “Water-Pumpkin”!









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