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Feedback on Grow Food Calgary’s First Session

I just wanted to thank you for our first Grow Food Calgary sessions.

The information you provided and reading Donna Balzer’s book, No Guff Vegetable Gardening, has given me the boost I needed to focus on growing more food this year.

We have been at our home for ten years and focused on our      perennial gardens and fruit trees thus far.

Your guidance has given me the confidence and knowledge to try again to grow more of our own food.

Our yard and home offers us many opportunities to give it a serious try this growing season.

I look forward to the sessions ahead and I am keeping a list of     questions for the May date.

Mary’s Garden Room

The pictures are of my garden room off our kitchen that is finally being put to good use since last week’s workshop.

Thanks again,


P.S. I turned the grow light on this morning and it made me smile! The sprouts are up and green from the seeds we got last week. I think for my space getting the heating pads made a big difference.