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When Chelsie Anderson and I first started discussing our vision for Grow Food Calgary, I had no idea what a wonderful resource was sitting in front of me!

Donna Balzer, Garen Guru

Turns out, Chelsie, besides having her own garden expertise, is the
daughter of Donna Balzer, the Garden Guru, author of the best-selling book, No Guff Vegetable Gardening.

Of course I wasn’t about to let an opportunity to work with a Guru pass by!

Chelsie, Donna and I decided to pool our resources and create Grow Food Calgary, where we’ll teach 150 new gardeners how to grow their own food from April to October.

Donna’s new web site was released early this week. I spent some time on it and I’m feeling pretty good about my decision to join forces with Donna! She knows her stuff!

Demand for Donna’s speaking and consulting services are growing like plants in a well-composted garden bed. We’re lucky to have her in our program.

The really juicy part is Donna is making herself available to each and every one of our 150 gardeners, who for the price of their ticket, get a 15 minute phone consultation with Donna!

Each participant also receives a free copy of No Guff Vegetable Gardening and gets to learn at the feet of the Garden Guru throughout the 2017 garden season. See complete list of garden goodies we’re giving to each ticket holder.

If you want to learn how to garden in Calgary, you need to hang out with Donna Balzer this summer.

Grow Food Calgary launches on Earth Day, April 22 at the Calgary Zoo.

Register for Grow Food Calgary today.

Shelley Goldbeck

by Shelley Goldbeck, Co-Founder, Grow Food Calgary