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How to Learn to Garden

Shelley Goldbeck

Much of my early garden education came from books, magazines and of course, trial and error in my own garden.

The internet exponentially increased our choices, almost overnight.

You can learn almost anything online, including garden techniques.

But how do you sort the wheat from the chaff? How do you know whose advice to take?

Some gardeners rely heavily on chemical solutions to disease and bug problems. These poisons cause great damage to soil.  They cause great damage to human health.

If you follow these gardeners’ practices, you may get their lush instant results, but the “drugs” sterilize and starve your soil. The food from it is nutritionally compromised, poisoned, the kind that kills slowly and stealthily.

Mimicking Mother Nature in the garden has always intuitively made sense to me. I tend to get my gardening information from people who garden the way I do: in cooperation with Mother Nature.

Chelsie Anderson, Natural Gardener

That’s why I joined forces with Chelsie Anderson, the Natural Gardener and her mom, Donna Balzer, Garden Guru to create Grow Food Calgary.

Donna Balzer, Garden Guru


We three believe that gardening skills are valuable and sorely lacking among our fellow Calgarians.

We felt that if we could provide Calgary gardeners with (Calgary specific) information and handholding throughout an entire growing season, we could successfully guide them into growing some of their own food, every year.

So we invited a bunch of garden experts to share their expertise with you. From April to October, we’ll cover soil, seeds, seedlings, bugs, pests, harvesting, storing, everything you need to get growing.

We know and enjoy the benefits of gardening.  We want you to enjoy these benefits too. They include:

  • reducing grocery bills,
  • eating tastier, healthier food,
  • improved mental and physical health,
  • building community
  • reducing our footprint on the earth.

Learn how to Grow Food in Calgary now! Register.

Our first session for our season-long program begins on April 22, Earth Day, at the Calgary Zoo.

See Donna’s latest blog.