Questions from April 22 session:

  1. Do I need to be concerned about contamination of the rain in my rain barrels?

    Yes, somewhat. Asphalt shingles are made from petroleum products and could leach contaminants into water. The older the shingles the better.

  2. What does clover in my lawn mean?

    Your lawn is low in nitrogen. Sprinkle some good compost over your lawn.

  3. What can I do about ants?

    Ants prefer dry conditions so amend your soil and keep it moist.

  4. Is it possible to grow veggies indoors in winter?

    Yes, under grow-lights.

  5. How do I build up the soil in my raised beds?

    Keep adding organic matter. Top dress the soil and allow the “farm critters” to do their work.

  6. Which plants grow symbiotically?

    Companion planting is the term used to describe growing plants together that are mutually beneficial.

  7. What is the best outdoor composter?

    Speedibin. Available through Chelsie Anderson.

  8. Should I build up the soil in my lawn the same as my garden by feeding on top as opposed to aerating?

    Yes. Your grass will benefit.

  9. Does top dressing attract slugs (i.e.: leaves left on gardens)?

    It can but once the soil is balanced, the attraction is gone!

  10. Can you suggest vegetables that enjoy growing near a Clematis plant?


  11. Are there acid-loving vegetables for soil around and under spruce trees?

    No. Nothing much grows under spruce trees. It’s very dry.

  12. What’s the cause of my lump hard lawn and what can I do?

    You don’t have enough organic matter in the soil. Top dress with compost.

  13. What is the best location for a composter, in the sun or shade?

    Sun is best.

  14. What causes compact, stunted plants, flowering at ground level, with no stems?

    Low nitrogen. Add compost or work castings.

  15. Where can I buy vole traps?

    UFA Co-op

  16. I have a neighbor who owns a horse and is willing to bag up as much manure as I may want. I was thinking of putting some in my compost to help it along. Is this a good or bad idea?


    Go ahead and use it in your compost.

Calgary, AB