Grow Food Calgary Gives You a Place to Grow: Freebies Flow In

By Donna Balzer

Root Pouches add room to your garden

Do you wonder where you will plant everything you really want to grow this summer? Are you making choices and leaving a favourite food off your list?

It’s official. Freebies are flowing in for the registrants of Grow Food Calgary and this week we received a really big donation, and it weighs in at four packages and 77 lbs. The boxes received contain a total of 150 grow bags – enough for the entire class!

Maybe you really want to grow lettuce, but the only shady area you have is under a tree and with roots threatening to take over your soil you know lettuce can’t compete. Or you want to plant potatoes but they just take up too much space in your too tiny garden; it’s tough to decide what to grow and what to leave out.

But this week, thanks to Root Pouch of Oregon, you will have more room to grow than ever before. The donated fabric root pouch bags have a retail value of $15.00 each and are a perfect example of upcycling because they are made from recycled water bottles. The bags will be given away to Grow Food Calgary participants and, unlike other brands of “fabric” bags, these ones last forever and they are food safe.

Thanks to Root Pouch all of our participants will receive a 10-gallon bag to expand their garden. The ten gallon bags are perfect to plant lettuce under trees where the roots are kept out. And they are also ideal for potatoes.

“The best size of Root Pouch for growing potatoes,” says Root Pouch rep Ashely Fromm from Oregon, “is the 10 gallon pot because it gives you lots of room to grow. Just plant one or more potato in the bag and watch them fill up the bag over the season.”

So now you are wondering what the best potato is to plant in your root pouch? Well don’t get ahead of yourself. We have a commitment for organic potatoes for every participant. But that great news has to wait for later. Because right now, I am trying to figure out where we are going to store all this great stuff before we give it away to Grow Food Calgary registrants. Are you in yet?

Thank you, Root Pouch!

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