Homegrown Taste

Why does homegrown food taste better than commercial produce?

Broccoli from Donna’s Garden


Answer: minerals, vitamins, antioxidants. They come from soil.

Much of our farmland is sick after years of synthetic fertilizers that kill the natural organisms that convert soil components into nutrition.

For decades all we’ve put back is N-P-K, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium only. Not selenium, or zinc, for example, nor do we add organic matter which help make these micronutrients available.

It’s like humans, eating protein, fat, and carbs, without any fibre, vitamins, minerals or other nutrients. We’d soon be dead!

Much of the food grown in these dead conditions tastes like nothing.

How do I learn how to grow my own food?

Gardening is not rocket science. But it IS science. At GrowFoodCalgary, we’re assembling gardening experts to teach you how to grow your own food. Now! We will guide you step by step so you can grow food in 2017. Join Us!

Beds and Composter








Small Yard

I can’t grow Food. My yard is too small!

It probably is if you’re thinking of a “traditional” garden with rows two or three feet apart, room for the rototiller!

Garden Companions

But gardeners have discovered that many plants enjoy cohabiting in closer quarters. A small raised bed, carefully managed, can produce a surprising amount of food.



You don’t even need a yard: it’s amazing what you can grow in pots on your patio or in a vertical space.

The picture below shows tomatoes grown upside-down in water bottles. Basil is growing from the top.

Upside Down Tomatoes
grow in water bottles.

How do I start gardening in  small spaces and containers ?

Attend GrowFoodCalgary seminars where our expert gardeners teach you how to grow your own food, no matter how small your yard!


Kids and Gardens

My kids don’t eat vegetables so why would I bother with a garden?

Kids that dig around in the soil, plant seeds, weed and water plants love to eat the food they have grown. The more veggies kids eat, the healthier they are and the healthier choices they make.

Our society has it backwards. We start children on processed food and we struggle to teach them to eat real food.

Give your kids a patch of garden of their own. They’ll eat vegetables.

Five-year-old Granddaughter with a salad from her garden.

How do you teach a child to garden if you don’t know how?

Come to GrowFood Calgary where our expert gardeners will teach you how to grow your own food. You can share time in the garden with your children and be enjoying  your own produce all summer!

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