Are you taken aback by the price of groceries?
Do you worry about the nutritional value of your food?
Are you concerned about the safety of your food?
Have your kids lost their connection with nature?
Do you feel helpless about the environment?
Do you need more exercise?


Believe it or not, there is One Thing that is a solution to all these problems.


By growing your own food you can have an impact every one of these issues.

Reduce your grocery bills, get more exercise, reconnect with nature, be kind to the environment, build community. All of these can be accomplished with one action: Gardening.


At GrowFoodCalgary,  our mission is to teach Calgarians how to grow healthy, sustainable and cost efficient food for themselves and their families. Ultimately, we’ll grow a local food producing community, passionate about a natural and mineral-rich approach to growing food.

If you know nothing (or very little) about growing your own food, GrowFoodCalgary is for you.

Grow Food Calgary consists of six sessions, all about what you need to know to grow food in 2017.

These sessions take place from 9 am to noon on Saturday mornings at the Wildwood Community Centre. We have an amazingly diverse line up of experts and garden speakers.

Food Class Opens its Doors Wide!

Grow Food Calgary is opening our doors wide at our next class on June 24, 2017 and you are welcome to attend! Yes- it’s true – we have Edible Native Plant specialist Anita Schill, Local Bug Specialist Ken Fry and all around great gardener Donna Balzer speaking about fruits at our next class.

As usual, this meeting  will be packed with information and for this class only we are opening up this class to professionals and keen gardeners who missed signing up for the whole 6-month session but can’t miss this amazing line-up. Tickets are only $40.00 for this class but with a line-up like this space will be limited.  Register now at


Our Program includes (subject to change):

May 13: Weeds, Rain Barrels, Permaculture, Growing Warm Crops

June 24: Perennial Fruit Trees, Bugs, Harvesting Edible Natives

September 23: Tips and Tricks for Next Year, Food Sustainability, Hands-On Seed collecting, Putting Your Garden to Sleep

October 21: Composting, Vermiculture, Making Sauerkraut, Storing Food, using Biochar

And much, much more! Check out all our freebies.

You do not want to miss it!

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