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What Donna Learned in her Garden

Like other gardeners I forgot to add micronutrients and had a zinc deficiency on my squash and cantaloupes. This was a major disaster in my cantaloupes because they got a fungal disease and only produced a few fruit before they crashed.

This in contrast to previous years when I had amazing success and five pound fruit.

I am definitely on task with mineralizing my soil again and might talk about this and compost in October.

The good news with the zucchini is they bounced back and started growing fresh green leaves again late in the season so I will get a second chance.

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ROI: Return on Investment

Shelley Goldbeck

Return on Investment (ROI) is a term that is frequently used to describe the effectiveness of business.

One day this summer  I was harvesting new potatoes for dinner when it occurred to me what a good ROI I get from gardening.

One chunk of potato, perhaps a quarter of a potato, yielded enough potatoes for four of us for dinner, with a few leftover for hash browns with our eggs the next morning.

One seed packet of beans yielded us many meals of steamed green beans this summer. Our kale is flourishing, more than enough for us and half the neighbours!

That’s just the produce. That doesn’t include the free Vitamin D, exercise without paying for a gym pass, and peace of mind working through my problems while I garden rather than lying on a shrink’s couch at $300/hour.

Yes, the Return on Investment from gardening is huge. You should try it.

Our next Grow Food Calgary session is October 21. Tickets are available now. 


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Urban Farm

After our September session, Grow Food Calgary participants were invited to tour Sharpe’s Farm, an urban farm within Calgary city limits.

All of the participants who went were thrilled. We’re sorry that we didn’t make it “mandatory” since so many of our participants really missed out. Susan and Dawn were so generous in having us by, and sharing so much of their knowledge with the group. It was truly inspiring for me and everyone who was there!

Urban Farm Tour

Grow Food Calgary participants at Sharpe’s Farm


One Bid Onion!




Urban Farm Potato
Pretty potato


Lemon Boy
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